May 2017

Sydney's Big Break

What a name to be given, Sydney Singh. My mum and dad were living in Australia when I was born and yes, you've guessed, their home was Sydney. Read Full Story.....


February 2017

Lady Of Stone

Jericho, an antique dealer who regularly made a profit, was known for his charm and ability to obtain that which was unattainable. He had modelled himself on the 'Lovejoy' image and had now become well known throughout the antique dealing community Read Full Story.....



A Christmas Tale

"Breakfast, dinner, tea, here we go again in the prison cookhouse," Mary said to Joe as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

"Soon be Christmas." Read Full Story.....



Here Today Gone Tomorrow

A bullet in the head...dead. Sounds so easy but it's not. But it is for me or was. I'm now retired, wealthy and living in the sun. What more could you want? I hear you ask. Read Full Story.....



Dead End On The GWR

I had always wanted to do the run from Toddington to Cheltenham, having been told that the journey through the countryside was excellent value for money. Read Full Story.....



True Love Hurts

Jayne unlocked the front door of the house and went in. Not a sound, no noise, just silence and then she heard the sound of sobbing.

"Mum, Mu...m, where are you?" Read Full Story.....